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Marriage is a blessing


The story of several hundred weddings in which there is no place of any funeral Feeling the tickle and thrill, and to see (almost literally) the butterflies fluttering in the air. To become daily, a part of, as well as to be the main reason two lovers experience the most exciting day of their lives. There is such as a profession - that of the wedding planner.  

Wedding traditions


Traditions are not what they used to be...

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Wedding in Czech – traditions


Many Czech wedding traditions come from the early days of Christianity. Often rituals were intended not only to ensure happiness and fertility, but also to protect from different diseases, hunger, death of offspring, and against quarrels, hatred, especially against evil spirits. Other models of rituals are only symbolic. They aim to label important events such as loss of virginity and the beginning of a new period of life. Sometimes it was hidden appeal to the young couple to be together and keep each other in good and bad days. Please, excuse us! This page is under temporary maintenance!